Thursday, January 8, 2004

Someone's Getting Fired at AP Sports

I just got an email forward saying, "The AP Sports desk accidentally emailed out there [sic] sports rolodex today to other newsies."

The email then contains a list of over 700 phone numbers for sports figures, including athletes like Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Yogi Berra and Roger Clemens. The list also has phone numbers for Commissioners Gary Bettman, Paul Tagliabue and Bud Selig. That's just the beginning. There are over 700 phone numbers.

From what I can tell, these numbers are legit, and the AP is going to have to fire someone. Too bad, Butch. Too bad.

Update: Here's a "sanitized" version of the list:
> Aaron Hank 404-xxx-1348; 404-xxx-7550 (h)
> ABC Radio 456-5185
> Abdul-Jabbar Kareem 213-xxx-1806
> Abraham Seth 212-xxx-1648; 212-xxx-8620 (h)
> AC Nielsen 708-6949; 708-7548
> Adams Alan 416-xxx-1019 (h)
> Adcock Joe 318-xxx-4887
> Albert Marv 212-xxx-6330
> Alderson Sandy 510-xxx-4900; 510-xxx-1828; 415-xxx-6345 (h)
> Alfano, Pete (ATP) 904-xxx-8000
> Allen Doug (NFLPA) 202-xxx-2215; 703-xxx-1528 (h)
> Allen Mel 203-xxx-4440 (h)
> Alliss Peter 011-xxx-2873-5669
> Anderson Dick 305-xxx-0440; 305-xxx-0400 (h)
> Anderson Ottis 305-xxx-2524
> Anderson Sparky 805-xxx-2060 (h)
> Andretti Mario 215-xxx-5118
> Andros Dee 503-xxx-2370; 503-xxx-5886 (h)
> Angelos Peter 410-xxx-6210; 410-xxx-0100; 410-xxx-4429 (h)
> Antonucci John 303-xxx-0200; 216-xxx-2660 h-8 p.m.
> AP Broadcast 800-368-5915; 800-424-8804
> AP Radio 800-368-5915
> Arbitron 212-887-1318
> Archibald Tiny 212-xxx-6662 (h)
> Argovitz Jerry 713-xxx-5771
> Argyros George 714-xxx-4900
> Armato Leonard (agent for Shaq, atty for Kareem) 213-xxx-6666
> Arnold Jennifer ‹ 212-xxx-7202; xxx-0444 (h)
> Arum Bob 702-xxx-3232; 702-xxx-9323 (h)
> Atlanta Organizing Committee (Bob Brennan) 404-224-1996
> Auerbach Red 202-xxx-4722; 202-xxx-8312 (h)
> Autry Gene 213-xxx-5672 or 5676; 818-xxx-9208 (h); 619-xxx-2155 Palm
> Springs
> Baer Larry 415-xxx-2505; 415-xxx-4102 (h)
> Bailey Wilford 205-xxx-9723 (h); 205-xxx-2278
> Baker Buddy 704-xxx-2763.
> Baker Buck ‹ 704-xxx-9206.
> Baker Dusty 415-xxx-9531 (h)
> Baker Terry 503-xxx-1440
> Bando Sal 414-xxx-3353; 602-xxx-3370 (h)
> Banks Ernie 818-xxx-2827; 818-xxx-4388; 310-xxx-7268
> Barger Carl 412-xxx-8807 (h)
> Barnett Dick xxx-5311
> Barrow Joe Louis Jr 303-xxx-9592
> Bartholomay Bill 312-xxx-0759; 312-xxx-5634 (h)
> Bavasi Bill 714-xxx-7261; 714-xxx-0259 (h); 714-xxx-0452 (h)
> Bavasi Peter 201-xxx-2697
> Baylor Don 619-xxx-1925
> Beathard, Bobby 619-xxx-9314
> Beban Gary 213-xxx-3531
> Beeston Paul 416-xxx-1220; 416-xxx-1472 (h)

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