Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Comparing Pitching Staffs

On BallParkAnalysis.com, Jason Moyer has a nice comparison of the top pitching staffs using Win Shares.

In one of Jayson Stark's recent articles, he discusses the same subject. While entertaining and well written, Stark's methodology leaves a little to be desired.
In order to help you argue it next time you're hanging around some tavern with about 11 hours to kill, we surveyed a bunch of general managers, executives and scouts this week.
And the results...
"No one (else) has four starters who can be classified as No. 1 or No. 2's." ... "Added a veteran leader (Clemens) and haven't had a left-hander (Pettitte) of that quality since Hampton." ... "Might have as strong No. 5 depth pool as any team in your survey." ... "Age and health of Clemens and Pettite are the only concerns here. Pettitte's elbow scares me."
Sounds good, but where's the beef? I prefer the less-hype, more-facts approach of Moyer.

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