Thursday, March 20, 2008


Baseball Crank published the 2008 AL West EWSL Report on Tuesday and the 2008 AL East EWSL Report today. Lots of interesting stuff in both of those.

Just to pull out a few nuggets, Crank is more realistic about the A's chances than I am, and his data suggests the Rays will have a really tough time living up to the Baseball Prospectus projections that have them winning 88-89 games.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's EWSL Time

BaseballCrank has been publishing his EWSL series for each of the last few years, and he unveiled his first division projection of 2008 this week - AL Central.

There's a lot of good thought in the method and great analysis surrounding the output. I'm officially excited for the 2008 season, regardless of the A's bleak outlook - which I'm sure the Crank will document in excrutiating detail over the coming weeks.

My First Interview

I was recently interviewed by the Modesto Bee about finding a job. You can read the full article here: Landing a job is hard in tough economic times, but persistence is the key

Stay focused on your area of expertise and the geographic area where you want to live, advised Andrew Koch, co-founder of, a job search site that specializes in high-paying positions.

"If you start applying for jobs that are not a fit, you will get less response and that can be frustrating," Koch said.

Use industry "buzzwords" in your résumé so it pops up in résumé database searches online, he said, and choose a slightly different, but professional, font on a printed résumé so it stands out from the others.

Looking for a job should be treated as a job, he said.

"The people who are consistent and are actively looking for jobs each week and each month, or however long it takes, those are the people who get jobs," Koch said.

I'll admit that the grammar in that last quote is questionable, but I'm certainly happy about my newfound "celebrity".