Sunday, December 7, 2003

USC Got Screwed

The final BCS Standings are out for college football, and for the second time in three years, a team that couldn't win their conference championship will be given an opportunity to win the National Championship in college football. Two years ago, Nebraksa played in the BCS championship game despite finishing 3rd in their conference. This year, Oklahoma makes the championship game despite taking an all-around whupping in the Big Twelve championship.

So, both human polls (coaches and writers) have USC as #1, LSU as #2 and Oklahoma as #3. But USC gets the big snub and will play in the Rose Bowl. We can only hope that USC beats Michigan and shares the national title with the winner of the LSU-Oklahoma Sugar. Hopefully then, we'll be another step closer to a college football playoff, which would be just about the best thing since sliced bread.

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