Thursday, December 4, 2003

Parade of Yankee Acquisitions Continues

Bob Klapisch points out that since the Red Sox made their Curt Schilling trade, the Yankees have gone wild. They've agreed to terms with Gary Sheffield (3 yrs, $36M), re-signed Aaron Boone (1 yr, $6M), signed Tom Gordon (2 yrs, $7.5M), re-signed Felix Heredia (2 yrs, $4M), signed Paul Quantrill (2 yrs, 7M) and now they've traded to acquire one of the best young pitchers in the game. Sure, the Yanks gave up Nick Johnson, but in Javier Vazquez, they got what Klapisch is calling "a younger version of Curt Schilling."

You can't argue the fact that both the Yanks and Sox are improving their teams dramatically with these moves.

What you can argue is whether or not this is good for baseball. While it may be entertaining to watch this "blood feud" boil over, fans of the other 28 teams can't feel too good about (arguably) the best teams getting better.

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