Saturday, December 6, 2003

A's Rumors

There are two A's-related updates on ESPN's Rumormill (Subscription Required).

The first piece is about Tejada:
Dec. 5 - The Seattle Times reports the Mariners have offered Tejada a three-year contract at $24 million to $25 million, with an option for a fourth year. That offer comes on the heels of the report out of New York that the Mets have made a three-year, $21 million offer to Kaz Matsui, the Mariners' other shortstop target.

However, Tejada's agent told the Orange County Register the shortstop really like[s] Anaheim, and the Tigers have said they are prepared to overpay to lure a player such as Tejada. The Orioles plan to pursue Tejada, as well, but have have said they will wait until after Sunday's arbitration deadline to make a formal offer.

The Cubs and Phillies also have been mentioned in connection with the former MVP, and the A's haven't given up hope of re-signing him, either. Oakland is waiting to see what kind of market develops before making a proposal.

The second rumor suggests the A's may be working on a solution to their catcher problem.
Dec. 5 - The L.A. Times reports the A's are interested in acquiring [Paul] Lo Duca in exchange for Jermaine Dye and cash to help defray Dye's $11 million salary. Lo Duca made only $2.6 million last year, and the A's could use a front-line catcher after dealing Ramon Hernandez to San Diego for Mark Kotsay.

It will probably take a mirable for the A's to keep Tejada and acquire Lo Duca while shedding Dye's contract, but if anyone can do it - it's Billy Beane.

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