Monday, December 15, 2003

Oakland Options

So far, I've heard three main options for the A's closer situation:

1) Closer by committee with Chad Bradford, Ricardo Rincon, et al.
I'm not against the closer by committee per se, but I'm against a committee that includes Ricardo Rincon.

2) Move one of their younger starters, like a Rich Harden, into the bullpen as a closer.
Moving Harden to the 'pen might be a viable option, but I have no idea. It worked great for Eric Gagne in LA...

3) Acquire someone, whether it's Ugueth Urbina, Arthur Rhodes or *ghasp* Armando Benitez.
I'd love to have Ugie, who's full name is Ugueth Urtain Urbina Villarreal. Urbina had a 1.41 ERA with the World Champion Florida Marlins in the second half of 2003, and I'd love to see that in an A's uniform. But there are no circumstances under which I'd be happy to see Armando Benitez playing for the A's. None.

Anyway, I'm hoping for Ugie and willing to settle for Rhodes or Harden as our closer.

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