Sunday, December 7, 2003

Showdown Sunday?

ESPN is calling today "Showdown Sunday," as there are a lot of great matchups with playoff implications. Here are the fourteen NFL games today at either 1pm or 4pm EST:

Favorite / Underdog / Combined Record
Tennessee vs. Indianapolis, (18-6)
Denver vs. Kansas City, (18-6)
New England vs. Miami, (18-6)
Philadelphia vs. Dallas, (17-7)
Minnesota vs. Seattle, (15-9)
Baltimore vs. Cincinnati, (14-10)
Green Bay vs. Chicago, (11-13)
New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay, (11-13)
**Buffalo vs. New York, (10-14)
**New York vs. Washington, (8-16)
Jacksonville vs. Houston, (8-16)
San Francisco vs. Arizona, (8-16)
Pittsburgh vs. Oakland, (7-17)
Detroit vs. San Diego, (6-18)

For some reason, the only games on TV in New York today are the Jet's and Giant's games. The only "showdowns" I'm going to see today are going to be battles of ineptitude and incompetence. (So far in the first 10 minutes of the Giants-Washington game, the G-Men have already lost a fumble, missed a FG and trail 3-0. Woo hoo!)

I understand that the networks have to show the local teams, but why can't they also show us a good game? I'm stuck watching two of the worst games with four of the worst teams when there are 4-6 arguably great games, in terms of match-up. Shame on you NFL, CBS, FOX and New York.

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