Friday, February 20, 2004

The Omnipresent Schatz

Aaron Schatz has an article up on The New Republic about the spread of Sabermetrics in MLB front offices. His point - the "Moneyball revolution" that allowed the A's to compete with teams with larger payorlls is not a revolution but a market correction. The eventual end result? A more efficient market, where the rich teams still get all the best (and now properly valued) players.

Schatz himself is seemingly everywhere I look on the internet. His relatively new FootballOutsiders site exploded onto the scene this past fall, rocketing up to Alexa's top 50,000 websites in Nov-Dec. And that kind of internet phenomenon is exactly what Schatz has been studying for his "real" job over at Lycos, pumping out "The Lycos 50" each day.

I like his style, and apparently, so do a lot of people. He's getting a lot exposure all over the internet. Kudos Aaron. Keep up the good work.

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