Sunday, February 22, 2004


Will Carroll thinks the A's have locked up Chavez:
Chavez and Blalock both sign for five years at vastly different amounts. I'm not sure why Blalock took the offer, but it's cost certainty for both parties and $15m isn't chump change. Chavez's seems pretty fair and ends speculation that he'll join the Yankees next season. It's also something of a shift for the A's. I'm curious to see how this will affect the re-signing of the big three.
I haven't been able to confirm this rumor anywhere else, but Will says he's posting a more detailed account on Baseball Prospectus. (I guess I should stop holding out and just buy a subscription already, huh?) Anyway, I'm waiting with bated breath...

If this deal goes through, it may leave the A's with the following question: "If you can only keep one of the Big Three (Hudson, Mulder, Zito), which one do you keep?"

I'm a Mulder man myself. What about you?


  1. If I had to choose I would take Hudson.... after Kevin Brown, Mike Mussina, Jose Contreras, Jon Lieber and Javier Vazquez. Great site.

  2. I might even take Vazquez before Hudson, but you'd have to be a total moron (or have unlimited resources) to think that signing Lieber, Contreras or Kevin Brown to a long-term contract was a good idea at this point. Thanks for the comments, Moon.