Thursday, February 19, 2004

HOF Bound?

Great synopsis of HOF chances for active players.

Are Sheffield and Larkin really sure bets for the Hall? I feel alright about Sheff (299/401/527 over 16 seasons - and going strong), but Larkin's numbers looks suspicious to me. He has hit 295/371/446 over 18 seasons as a shortstop, but he's never led the league in any offensive category. The only time he's ever finished as high as second in any category was in his MVP 1995 Season when he stole 51 bases, 5 behind Quilvio Veras for the league lead. I'll defer to the Win Shares as far as total career value goes, but I think Larkin's going to have a tough time sneaking past the BBWA.

Thanks to baseballgraphs for the link.

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