Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Way back in February '05, I posted twice about the baseball Hall of Fame.
  1. Genetic Algorithms and the Baseball Hall of Fame lays out the research by my good friend David Cohen around the criteria for being elected to the HOF. (The link to his full research got broken in the move from MovableType to Blogger, and I'm too lazy to fix it. Sorry.)
  2. Barry Larkin - Hall of Famer (to be) points out that Larkin meets the criteria and would be elected someday.
Yesterday, as is often the case, Cohen's conclusions were right. Barry Larkin has been elected to the Hall of Fame. Congratulations are due to Larkin... and Cohen.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I'm a tech reporter for Betabeat and the New York Observer. I'm trying to reach you for a story: ntiku@observer.com or 212.407.9327