Sunday, December 5, 2004

BCS = Big F-ing Joke

Yahoo! Sports - NCAA Football - Cal angry, frustrated after Texas takes Rose Bowl spot

"Cal (10-1) was left out of the Bowl Championship Series... despite a season of statistical superlatives and dominating victories."

Instead of playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl, Cal will play Texas Tech, a 7-4 team that lost to New Mexico(!), Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M. The Red Raiders' seven wins were over the following teams:

SMU (3-8)
TCU (5-6)
Kansas (4-7)
Nebraska (5-6)
Kansas State (4-7)
Baylor (3-8)
Oklahoma State (7-4)

That's only ONE win over a team with a winning record. Hardly a team worthy of playing the team that both polls agree is the NUMBER FOUR team in the country.

And what of Texas? Both polls (AP and USA Today) agree that Texas is #5 in the country behind #4 California. While each team has only one loss, Texas was embarrased 12-0 by the #2 team in the country while Cal was barely edged out by the consensus #1 team in the country.

I hope Michigan and Cal win their respective Bowls by 40 points apiece. In fact, if USC destroys Oklahoma, Michigan beats Texas, Virginia Tech beats Auburn and Cal beats Texas Tech, it's not inconceivable that Cal could end the season as the #2 team in the country. And they're playing in the damn Holiday Bowl. What a joke.

This whole BCS thing will always be a farce to me until it's scrapped entirely and replaced with a playoff system.

(By the way, this is my second annual BCS complaint. Here's my first.)

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