Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Almost a Compliment?

"Is it really more than a year?" My boss looks back (fondly?) on the founding of AndrewKoch.com. What's remarkable is that Stone linked to me without harping on my lack of blog-effort.

If you go to Stone and search for "Baseball", three of the top four results are posts suggesting that (A) I don't spend enough time on AndrewKoch.com and/or (B) AndrewKoch.com is going down in flames.

While (A) is certainly true, I hope that (B) isn't. Is it even possible for something as small as AndrewKoch.com to really go down in flames?

When a blog dies, isn't it really more like Hanukah candles that slowly melt away before sputtering their last breath and expiring.

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