Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Tonight's A's-Tigers game pits 22 year old Rich Harden against 21 year-old Jeremy Bonderman, a former A's farmhand himself.

That's 43 years of "combined age," just a shade less than 41 yr-old Roger Clemens.

And what's more, it's been a hell of a pitchers duel so far. Harden has allowed four hits and two walks through four innings while striking out 6 and Bonderman has allowed two hits and two walks with one K through 5 IP. The difference in the game so far is Adam Melhuse's solo HR for the A's in the top of the fifth.

Imagine Harden and Bonderman pitching in the A's rotation together behind Zito, Mulder and Hudson. I wouldn't mind watching that staff develop over the coming years...

UPDATE - As I've been pecking away over here, Detroit has grabbed a walk, a bunt single, a sacrifice, another infield single and a run... apparently the ball never left the infield. If someone saw this, please tell me what happened there.


  1. Bobby Kielty's sac fly in the top of the seventh gives us a one-run lead. Harden, at 80 pitches going into the bottom of the seventh, probably only has one more inning in him, which means we'll need two innings of relief from the 'pen.
    And that can't make you too comfy, A's fans.

  2. The run scoring infield single was a pop up to McLemore which he dropped, not the easiest play but it should have definitely been ruled an error.