Friday, May 21, 2004

Tim Hudson for 2004 AL Cy Young

Is it too early to start this campaign? A quick look at Huddy's numbers:

(AL ranks in parantheses)

IP - 68.1 (1)
W - 5 (4)
ERA - 2.90 (5)
WHIP - 1.07 (3)
GDP - 10 (1)
P/IP - 13.6 (1)
Opponent OPS - .591 (1)

I think it's amazing that Hudson leads the league in double-plays induced, considering he's allowing the third-fewest baserunners per inning.

I've conveniently ignored Huddy's low strikeout numbers, which will likely hurt him over the course of the year. But for now, Hudson is doing a hell of a job for the A's.

One last tidbit. Opponents are batting .242/.282/.309 against Hudson in 272 AB. The batter who most closely matched those averages last year (min 200 AB) was Gary Bennett (.238/.296/.306 in 307 AB). Who's Gary Bennett? I have no idea! That's how good Hudson has been this year.

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