Monday, May 2, 2005

Steroid Suspension for Rincon

"Minnesota Twins pitcher Juan Rincon was suspended for 10 days Monday, making him the fifth player disciplined under Major League Baseball's new policy on performance-enhancing drugs."
-Twins pitcher suspended for violating baseball's drug policy

That one comes as a surprise. He's the first major league pitcher to be suspended, and the Most Valuable Outted Steroid User to date. His 12 Win Shares in 2004 are almost double the combined Win Shares of the four previously suspended players.

Alex Sanchez - 5
Jorge Piedra - 2
Agustin Montero - 0
Jamal Strong - 0

His brief departure is not likely to affect the AL Central race in any substantive way, but it's certainly worthy of an eyebrow raising.

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