Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Jacksonville, Tourist Destination?

But although Jacksonville's time at the center of the sports universe is over, city leaders hope the impression the city made while hosting football's biggest game will result in more visitors and commerce.

"We did nothing but improve our chances with our performance as a community," said Michael Kelly, chairman of the Super Bowl Host Committee. "We showed we cared about it."

-Yahoo! News - Fla. Looks to Capitalize on Super Bowl

Oh really? The Sports Guy disagrees, "Here's a quick breakdown of Super Bowl Week in Jacksonville.... The positives: The locals have been extremely nice. The negatives: Everything else."

He goes on: "...if you're having the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, it's probably going to be a bigger disaster than "Alexander" and the Chyna/X-Pac sex video combined."

Now, I haven't seen Alexander and I don't know the first thing about the Chyna/X-Pac sex video, but I'm pretty sure that failing to meet their standard is NOT a good thing. Nice try, Jacksonville.

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