Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caffeine Search Continues

Took a day off from coffee and tried tea this morning.

Today's Effort: Iced Chai from The Bean near Union Square.
Verdict: Tastes like pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I thought it was delicious at first, but I didn't end up finishing it.
Extra Crunch: The baby cockroach creeping up the wall as I sipped my tea concoction certainly didn't help anything.


  1. You should definitely keep trying tea! 

    I like green tea because it has antioxidants and caffeine (plus it tastes much better than coffee!) Brand-wise, I'm not sure because my dad sends it to me from Asia.

    You should also try Emergen-C - I've heard it gives people a burst of energy but it's never worked for me.

  2. Grace - Do you drink your green tea hot or cold? Anything extra in it or just tea, straight up?

  3. I like to drink hot green tea (and sometimes I'll mix in a bag of jasmine tea, too!)

    For cold teas, I like black tea - it's actually okay at Starbucks.Another thing I do for extra caffeine: I buy ginseng and soak it in hot water and drink it slowly - very little taste but it gives me a good energy boost!