Friday, February 12, 2010

History of Job Search

I've worked in the online employment space since June of 1999, and I've worked with Marc Cenedella since June of 2000. As a result, I might be uniquely positioned to appreciate Marc's series of blog posts about the history of the job search. Setting aside that caveat, you should read the series. It's a fascinating look at how people have found work over time - and what the problems are today.

If you're in HR, recruiting, online employment... or might ever need to look for a job... you should give it a look. (My classmates from Richard Tedlow's Coming of Managerial Capitalism might also find it especially interesting.)

Here are his posts in the series to date:
-History of Job Search, an introduction to the series
-Before Jobs
-The Industrial Revolution
-20th Century
-When I Grow Up I Want To Have A Brown Nose
-The 20th Century Model Breaks
-Job-seekers in 2010

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