Friday, November 26, 2004

Kendall Trade

Jason Kendall to the A's; Mark Redman and Arthur Rhodes to the Pirates.
Damian Miller to the Brewers.

The A's are essentially replacing Damian Miller, Arthur Rhodes and Mark Redman with Jason Kendall, Huston Street and Joe Blanton.

Here's how this looks from a (2004) Win Shares perspective.

Miller: 15 WS / 4 WSAA (above average, given same playing time)
Rhodes: 1 / -2
Redman: 9 / -1

Kendall: 25 / 7

While we don't have any 2004 WS numbers for Blanton and Street, Kendall's 25 Win Shares equal the contribution of the three guys we're losing. And his 7 WSAA are MUCH better than the combined ONE WSAA from the Miller/Rhodes/Redman combination. From where I'm sitting, this looks like a great move for the A's, as any WS contribution from the two youngsters will put the A's ahead on the ol' Win Share scoreboard.

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