Wednesday, September 8, 2004


Before their current series against the Red Sox, the A's had won 16 of their last 19 games. Normally, a record like that suggests the team is playing good baseball.

Well, the A's haven't looked like a good baseball team at all over the last four games. They've lost three games and are well on their way to losing their fourth in a row, the last three of these losses against the Red Sox. The Sox have outplayed the A's in every regard: pitching, defense, patience at the plate, power, you name it...

Normally, I like to look at the stats to back up my claims, but I can't bear to look deeper. We can all see with our bare eyes that the A's really don't belong on the field with the Sox right now. This isn't making me feel very good about (A) the A's chances of making the playoffs or (B) doing anything in the playoffs, should they make it at all.

And while I'm griping, why is it that I recently find myself screaming at the TV, "THROW STRIKES" whenever the A's are pitching?

UPDATE: 8-0 Sox in the middle of the fourth, with Tim Hudson already bounced from the game. Ugh.

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