Friday, April 9, 2004

Terrible Mets Broadcast

I'm trying to watch the Mets-Expos on Fox Sports NY right now, but the audio keeps fading in and out. It's not quite fading from "on" all the way to "off," but it's damn annoying. I'd say it's waving back and forth from about an '8' to a '13' on my TV's volume control with maddening irregularity.

It's not that anyone should be excited about watching a Mets-Expos game in the near-deserted Hiram Bithorn Stadium, but FSNY could at least make an effort to make it entertaining - or mildly watchable. Thanks for nothing.

Speaking of volume problems, have you ever noticed that Braves games on TBS hardly have any ambient park noise? Would it kill TBS to buy a parabolic mike to pick up a little banter from the crowd? They probably took all that money they saved on parabolic mikes and spent it on Mike Hessman. Again, thanks for nothing.

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