Friday, March 12, 2004

Religion V. Red Sox

Yahoo!'s featuring an article about the Red Sox' opening day, which happens to fall on Good Friday.

"I think it's very insensitive to the huge number of people who are Christians and fans." said the Rev. Christopher J. Coyne. The church, by the way, won't give anyone a special dispensation to eat meat - so no hot dogs, sausages or Meat-Beer.

Oh, wait. There's no meat in beer? Ohhhhh. OK.

I think calling this "very insensitive" is a little dramatic. Inconvenient, perhaps. But it's opening day at Fenway - I don't think Good Friday's enough to keep the crowd away. And those that do attend will get drunker. Less money spent on $4 hot dogs will mean more money spent on $5.50 beers.

(Doesn't the church have bigger things to worry about?)


  1. I dont understand why fenway has to not sell hotdogs? Can't catholics choose on their own not to buy hotdogs on that day? Is the flesh that week?

  2. Mike - Fenway can sell "fenway franks," but truly observant Catholics cannot eat them.